Thursday, March 3, 2011

CUSAT Tech Fest Dhishna 2011

“I have no special gift. I am only passionately curious.”
------------Albert Einstein
It is oft quoted that necessity is the mother of invention. This is not quite true. CURIOSITY is the mother of invention. The airplane was not a necessity when the Wright Brothers invented it. It was their curiosity that led to its invention. Humankind has forever shown unfathomable curiosity in the world around them. This curiosity leads to questions. And from these questions rise innovative ideas that transforms the world.
Ideas must be shared. The spirit of sharing breeds fresh perspective and innovative solutions . To that end School of Engineering, CUSAT presents Dishna 2011. DISHNA 2K11 is a National level Technical Fest held on the 3rd,4th,5th and 6th of March. Come feed your curiosity. "KNOWING THE THINKER NEXT DOOR" will change your perspective and hopefully, in the process, change the world for the better...........

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