Monday, September 27, 2010

Bom Sabado

According to Orkut's support forum, the Bom Sabado virus attack has been contained and fixed. A Google employee said Orkut had identified the Bom Sabado vulnerability and fixed the bug late yesterday.
The post on Orkut's support forum further says that Google and Orkut are working on restoring user profiles affected by the Bom Sabado virus yesterday. Orkut has also stressed that Bom Sabado infected user profiles should clear their browser cookies, cache and change their Orkut profile password for some time. The Orkut community also asks user infected by Bom Sabado, and anyone in general, not to click on suspicious links on anyone else's Orkut user profile.
Bom Sabado (meaning Good Saturday in Portuguese) was a JavaScript vulnerability which infected Orkut profiles yesterday. Users reported getting scraps labelled 'Bom Sabado' in their Orkut profiles.

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